List of courses

The group is involved in the following courses:

EE-BD Biomedical Devices (BD) profile (120 EC)

A profile in our MSc-EE program dedicated to biomedical devices. Biomedical devices are used for medical diagnosis, monitoring and treatment. They can be fixed, portable, wearable, implantable and injectable. They are active and thus embed electronics, computing and software

EE1L11 EPO-1: Booming Bass (5 EC)

Build, analyze and characterize a sound system consisting of a power source, amplifier and 3-way filters

EE2C11 Integrated circuits (5 EC)

Analysis and design of digital integrated circuits (electronics and systems aspects)

EE2L21 EPO-4: "KITT" autonomous driving challenge (5 EC)

Make a car drive autonomously from A to B

EE2S11 Signals and systems (5 EC)

Theory of signal transformations and LTI systems

EE2S31 Signal processing (5 EC)

Digital signal processing; stochastic processes

EE2T11 Telecommunications A (5 EC)

A first course in telecommunication, with focus on the physical layer. Includes a lab course related to Signals and Systems (preparing for EPO-4)

EE2T21 Telecommunications B (5 EC)

Modulation, introduction to networks

EE3039TU Marsrover project (4 EC)

(not running) Design of a "Mars Rover", a simple vehicle controlled by an FPGA capable of charging using solar energy, and with sensing and localization abilities

EE3115TU Digital Communication Systems (3 EC)

Transmission of digital signals

EE3350TU Introduction to Radio Astronomy (3 EC)

Introduction to the science and technology of radio astronomy

EE3P11 Electromagnetics (5 EC)

An introduction to electromagnetic fields and waves

EE4182 Digital audio and speech processing (6 EC)

Audio, speech and acoustic signal processing, speech enhancement, microphone-array signal processing

EE4530 Applied convex optimization (5 EC)

Applied convex optimization: role of convexity in optimization, convex sets and functions, Canonical convex problems (SDP, LP, QP), second-order methods, first-order methods for large-scale problems.

EE4540 Distributed signal processing (5 EC)

(not running) Signal processing techniques for decentralized signal processing

EE4560 Information theory (5 EC)

Source and channel coding

EE4595 Wavefield imaging (5 EC)

Advanced linear and nonlinear wavefield imaging and inversion methods with applications in geophysics, biomedical imaging, and optics

EE4610 Digital IC Design I (3 EC)

Analysis and design of digital systems with full comprehension of its performance, power dissipation, size and reliability.

EE4650 Advanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging (5 EC)

Principles of MRI starting from basic EM

EE4685 Machine learning, a Bayesian perspective (5 EC)

Mathematical foundation for machine learning algorithms, presented from a statistical (Bayesian) and optimization point of view.

EE4715 Array Processing (5 EC)

Array processing techniques for signal separation and parameter estimation

EE4C02 Systems Engineering (3 EC)

Introduction to systems engineering processes

EE4C03 Statistical digital signal processing (5 EC)

A second course on digital signal processing: random signals, covariances, linear prediction, spectrum estimation, optimal filtering, Wiener and Kalman filters, LMS and RLS algorithm

ET-Mi-201 Minor “Electronics for Robotics” (30 EC)

An entry-level acquaintance with the electronics that make robots operate, from principles to hands-on realisation

ET4127 Themes in Biomedical Electronics (4 EC)

BioMEMS, biosensors, bioelectronics, ultrasound, microfluidics, wavefield imaging in monitoring, diagnosis and treatment

ET4147 Signal processing for communications (4 EC)

Signal separation and parameter estimation using arrays of sensors.

ET4293 Digital IC design (4 EC)

Analysis and design of a deep-submicron VLSI subsystem with full comprehension of how its performance, power dissipation, size and reliability relates to its physical implementation.

ET4358 Fundamentals of wireless communications (5 EC)

Overview of the essential aspects of the physical layer as well as transmission system design aspects of generic wireless communications systems

ET4386 Estimation and detection (5 EC)

Basics of detection and estimation theory, as used in statistical signal processing, adaptive beamforming, speech enhancement, radar, telecommunication, localization, system identification, and elsewhere.

ET4393 Medical Imaging (5 EC)

Mathematical aspects of medical imaging modalities such as X-ray tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and medical ultrasound