Presentations for MSc students

As an introduction to the research covered by the group, the MSc Introductions consist of a few presentations on central topics of current interest in the Signal Processing and the Circuits and Systems community. The challenges posed by modern circuits and systems are the mastery of complexity and the clever utilization of physical properties. The distinguishing property of 'circuits' such as VLSI circuits is their ability to realize complex functions using intricate interconnection patterns, while the distinguishing property of a system is its ability to hold and use information. Research in circuits and Systems concentrates on the clever utilization of these properties for signal processing and chip design purposes. The field is dominated by applied mathematics and in particular algebra as a tool for synthesis (design) and analysis (verification).

General introduction to the group (5 MB, March 2014)
Leaflet with information for MSc students (22 MB, March 2014)
Presentation on signal processing for radio astronomy/localization (38 MB, Sep 2011)
Introduction to the VLSI design part of the group (1.8 MB, Sep. 2009)

Older presentations:

  • Array signal processing for radio astronomy
  • Low Power Systems on Chip Design
  • Electronic design automation and physical IC verification