Course Spring 2021:


Geert Leus (GL)

Classes are on Wednesdays and Thursdays. These classes will consist of a live online discussion between the professor and the students. The video related to a class is the subject of the live online discussion. We recommend that students watch the video BEFORE the actual class, so that they can ask questions about it during the online meeting. For some classes, there is no video and the class will be taught online.

1. Wed. April 21 08:45-10:30 GL introduction, array processing Video
  Thu. April 22 08:45-10:30 GL wireless channel model Video
2. Wed. April 28 08:45-10:30 GL wireless channel model and linear algebra Video
Thu. April 29 08:45-10:30 GL linear algebra and channel equalization Video
3. Thu. May 6 08:45-10:30 GL channel equalization Video
4. Wed. May 12 08:45-10:30 GL channel equalization and parameter estimation Video
5. Wed. May 19 08:45-10:30 GL Parameter estimation: ESPRIT Video
Thu. May 20 08:45-10:30 GL Constant modulus algorithm
6. Wed. May 26 08:45-10:30 GL Blind spatial processing
Thu. May 27 08:45-10:30 GL Space-time coding
7. Wed. June 2 08:45-10:30 GL OFDM/CDMA
Thu. June 3 08:45-10:30 GL overview exam assignment
8. Wed. June 9 08:45-10:30 PK guest lecture: Array processing for ultrasound
Thu. June 10 08:45-10:30 NO CLASS