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21 class hours / 4 credit points / 100 study hours


We discuss techniques for signal separation and parameter estimation, using arrays of sensors, and applied to wireless communications. We start by deriving a signal processing model of the wireless channel. We then recall useful tools from linear algebra: QR, SVD, eigenvalue decompositions, projections. This gives us tools to discuss some more elementary receivers: the matched filter, the Wiener filter. Then we discuss important applications: estimation of angles and delays using ESPRIT, adaptive space-time filters, the constant modulus algorithm. Finally, we look at OFDM and CDMA systems and see how the above techniques can be applied to this.


  • To be able to explain some key problems that occur in wireless communications.
  • To be able to explain the major signal processing tools required to solve these problems.
  • To be able to implement these signal processing techniques in Matlab.
  • To be able to apply these techniques to new communications problems.

Course format:

Video lectures and online discussion, plus compulsary take-home Matlab assignments.

Course reader:

Available on the web (see course reader).

Course sheets:

Available on the web (see course sheets).


Take-home Matlab assignment, online oral discussion of the results.

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